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Sometimes Heroes don’t know that they are.

Monday Morning I lost a close friend. Alex was an amazing person, prone to random acts of generosity. They gave much of themselves and rarely asked for anything in return. They dealt, as so many of us do, with depression and a poor self-image, and often I wished that they could have seen themselves as others see them: Unfailingly kind, generous to a fault, funny and always ready with a witty quip.

Alex was my first, and as yet, my only Patreon subscriber. I wrote this story with them, and our mutual love of Discworld, in mind. It’s a humorous bit of fluff, but I thought it would make Alex laugh. It was to be my first paid subscriber story, but in the wake of Alex’s death I am offering it for free.

Instead of asking you to subscribe this week,  I am going to ask you to donate to Take This in Alex’s memory.

I miss you, my friend.

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