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January Patreon Preview

A large star in space

Work is going well on this month’s Patreon story, so I thought I would offer a short preview here. To gain access to the full story when it is published around the end of the month, you will need to subscribe to my Patreon at the $1/story level or above.  Here’s your preview:

“We have traveled together our entire lives, as our parents did before us, and their parents before them.” Laurila spoke, her voice echoing as it was broadcast throughout the ship. “And our journey is nearing its end, not because we have found success, but because our ship, our home, is failing.

“Through the tireless work of our Science and Navigation departments, we have found a planet where they believe we can survive. But there are caveats.
“The planet they have found is a water planet. There are no surface land masses, and the ocean appears to be particularly deep. The atmosphere is breathable and there is plant life in evidence from the probes we have sent to do the scans. Possibly there is animal life, but nothing sapient. There is no sign of an existing civilization.

“It will be a challenge, but after conferring with our engineers and science departments, I believe that we can survive there. It will take hard work and dedication, and it may not work. Some of us will not make it. But our end is guaranteed if we remain as we are.

“I believe in starting as we mean to go on, so this decision will not be made by the officers, but by everyone. On your screens in your quarters, each person on this ship over the age of majority will be offered a vote, to land on this planet and try to make a life there or to keep going, and keep looking, and likely never find something better in the time we have left. This is your choice: To take a chance that we might survive on that planet or to die in certainty here in the black.”

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