Red Hats

Red Hats are the new
White hoods, but
The sentiment is the same, that
Anyone not the default
Straight. White. Male.
Is less than, is other, is wrong.

Go ahead and form your digital lynch mobs
And burn your binary crosses.

How easy it is to forget,
The man who hung there was
Poor. Brown. Jewish.

He taught Love, not Hate.
And Love always wins.

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Author: Meadhbh

Meadhbh lives on a farm in the back end of beyond with a horde of cats and one very large dog. When she is not writing or tending to the wishes of her feline overlords, she spends her time crafting, gaming, and reading. You can find her on Twitter @Meadhbh (mostly fangirling); on Instagram: @meadhbh_d (mostly cats); on Facebook: (mostly writing memes); and on the web at large at (mostly everything else).

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