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NaNoWriMo 2019 – Trying a New Writing App

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It’s a great program, but other than the cloud-based writer, it doesn’t offer me much that Scrivener doesn’t already give me, and sometimes writing in an internet browser provides entirely too much opportunity for distraction.


When is a Writer a Professional instead of a Hobbyist?

Crumpled paper and a pen

As the frequently profoundly profane Chuck Wendig says: A Writer Writes. One of the biggest mistaken assumptions that I hear from non-writers (and sometimes hobbyist writers) is that a writer — or any creative professional for that matter — waits for inspiration to strike before writing. A writer writes. Period. If you want to be …

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2018 Projects

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New year, New Projects. Or ongoing projects? Maybe actually finishing things? Here’s what I’m working on: Writing: Comics and Podcasts Oh My: I am turning two novels of mine into scripts. This Ain’t No Fairy Story will probably come out first, if I can find an artist (or get comfortable with doing the art myself) as a …