I’ve created a Patreon

Patreon may be one of the best things to have come out for creators in the recent crowd-sourced age of the internet.  It has enabled so many content creators to live independently, making the things they love and serving those things directly to the people who want to buy them.  It’s a game changer. But I have avoided making one because my anxiety won out – what if I got a bunch of people subscribing to my content and then I was unable to produce said content?

Then a friend informed me that Patreon allows subscribers to subscribe per thing instead of per month. So I took the plunge, and that’s how I’ve got things set up. My patrons will not be charged unless I produce a story for them. And to access the stories is cheap, only $1 per thing. Though I made higher-up reward settings, that’s all that I need or expect of my patrons. Only $1 per thing. And for that $1 you will get access to short stories, mostly within the fantasy genre, long before I sell them to any publication. You are free to subscribe only once for a specific story if it interests you and then unsubscribe, or stay subscribed to get them all. How long and for how much is entirely up to you, dear readers.

And even if you cannot afford that $1/story, I certainly understand. Your support and your readership still means everything to me, and I will of course still be putting some stories up on this blog for free for your enjoyment. But the Patreon means that your visits to this blog will be more pleasant too. If I can get just a few patrons, say ten, I won’t have to put ads on this blog to pay for hosting. A few more than that, and I won’t have to do “Selling Things” posts for affiliate credits, and the only affiliate links you will ever see are when I review something. I don’t like selling things. I like telling stories, and I like consuming stories, and in the end that’s what this blog is about. Stories are everything.

For me? It’ll mean a little less struggle, financially, a little more time and energy to focus on writing, a little less stress. It’ll mean fixing up my house, it’ll mean, well, everything.

If you choose to subscribe to my patreon, I will be aiming at one story per month, so that’s what you’ll get for your dollar. I thank you ever so much if you do choose to do so. My patreon is at https://www.patreon.com/Meadhbh, and of course there will always be a subscriber link in the sidebar of this page.

There will be cat pictures. There will always be cat pictures.