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2018 Projects

New year, New Projects. Or ongoing projects? Maybe actually finishing things? Here’s what I’m working on:


  • Comics and Podcasts Oh My: I am turning two novels of mine into scripts. This Ain’t No Fairy Story will probably come out first, if I can find an artist (or get comfortable with doing the art myself) as a webcomic, which I’ve always thought would suit the story and characters. And I am considering turning Breathing Whisky, my Southern Gothic Noir series, into a podcast drama series. Though the latter will probably be easier to produce with the equipment and capabilities I already have, the story itself is less ready to go, so it will take some time before I’m ready or willing to move it into production.
  • PatreonI started a Patreon last year before the world went completely sideways, but haven’t actually made use of it. But starting in January, I’m going to be seriously working on it, putting out one story per month somewhere around the 15th of each month. So now would be a good time to subscribe if you want to read them!
  • Blogging: The code word of the year will be More. More book reviews. More writing discussions, more blogging. More. I am going to aim for at least one post per week, but trying for three per week, with a posting schedule of MWF at 10:00 AM (EST).


  • My Etsy shop is very nearly out of stock, so I need to get making.  I am still unsure about my future with Etsy, as some of their policies are bothersome to both me as a maker and to my customers, but it still has the most visibility of any marketplace for crafted goods, and I still feel that I will have better luck there than elsewhere. To that end, coupons and sales will be incoming as I build up stock. (Oh look, there’s one: CARRIE is good until the end of the month for free domestic shipping.)
  • I am going to be drawing up both some knitting patterns and some counted cross-stitch patterns (and possibly kits) to sell on Etsy as a few folks have expressed a desire for them. A few may also be released here for free on my blog.
  • All of these things require time, which is in short supply. Given a choice between crafting and writing in that limited time I have, I’m going to focus on my writing. I won’t, therefore, be taking commissions for crafted things this year.


  • The two themes of the year this year will be FINISHING THINGS, but also SELF CARE. I need to remember to take care of myself because if I don’t take care of myself I get overwhelmed and stressed and I can’t take care of my mom, or my partner, or my pets, or my house. It sometimes feels selfish and indulgent to do so, but I will be trying to take time out for myself, even if I have to write it into my schedule.
  • I want to get serious about fixing up the farmhouse. There are a few projects that need to be done, a few repairs that need to be completed. The kitchen painting needs to be finished, and the bathroom painting needs to be done entirely. I also want to get started on fixing up the front living room. New laminate on the floors, new paint on the walls, furniture. I have a vision in place and want to see it done. This, of course, requires more of that time and a good bit of money, so if ya’ll want to help out – subscribe to my Patreon or buy things from my shop. You can also help out by buying things through affiliate links on this blog.
  • Learning Things: I’m going to keep doing art therapy paintalongs with the Art Sherpa. I’m hardly good, but have had some surprising successes, enough to make me think maybe I can do this 2D art thing. (3D art has always been easier for me.) Related, I also want to learn to sketch things from memory/mind. I do decently with a reference, but have never been able to bring to life an image I see only in my head. (This may or may not be related to bringing This Ain’t No Fairy Story into the world as a webcomic.)

Photo Credit: Charles Henry (assets) Flickr via Compfight cc



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