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  • Pyrrhic Celebration
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    Pyrrhic Celebration

    I expected to spend this day in a state of joy. What I actually am, mostly, is tired

  • Today.

    When the party in power dogwhistles to white supremacy, bows to white supremacy, and encourages white supremacy, you get white supremacist terrorists who feel empowered to do what is being done right now. This is why everyone who has their eyes open has been so scared for the last four years, *this* is why we…

  • Bye 2020. Won’t miss you.
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    Bye 2020. Won’t miss you.

    How can a year seem simultaneously interminably long and way too fast? Exhausting and yet also somewhat restorative?

  • Tarnished Crowns
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    Tarnished Crowns

    It’s hard to write when anxious. I was already having issues with anxiety before the word “pandemic” became a daily concern, before I started to worry if my day job would exist six months down the line, after the repercussions from a near-total shutdown of the economy hits us. I dissociate into books. They have…

  • Relearning how to be
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    Relearning how to be

    When one of the major parts of your daily routine disappears, it’s hard to figure out what to do with yourself. It’s hard to establish new routines. I, who spent the last few years lamenting the lack of time I had to get things done, now find myself with a surplus of free time. At…

  • Grief
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    On August 12, I lost my mother. I am still very much in the “fake-it-til-you-make-it” phase of figuring out how to live without her, but it’s all a series of managed distractions that are holding me together. Silences are killer. It’s in silence that I remember her absence and then all of the hastily erected…

  • Giving up the Guilt
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    Giving up the Guilt

    When I do try to take a moment for self-care, I often feel guilty about it. There is that never-ending to-do list, after all, so many things I need to be doing but don’t have time to do.

  • 2019

    I’m not as angry as I was last year as I wrote my post welcoming 2018. It’s not that there is less to be angry about, if anything, there is more. It’s sheer exhaustion. If 2017 exhausted my supply of spoons, then 2018 exhausted my supply of knives. Which is not to say I’m not…

  • Mid-Year Updateyness

    I’m writing again. I had a bit of an epiphany on where I wanted to go with the Breathing Whisky universe and am roughly 15k words into the new novel. It’s going fairly well, with some hiccups, and friends are cheering me along. It’s hard, I’m coming out of one of the worst writing droughts of…

  • 2018 Projects
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    2018 Projects

    New year, New Projects. Or ongoing projects? Maybe actually finishing things? Here’s what I’m working on: Writing: Comics and Podcasts Oh My: I am turning two novels of mine into scripts. This Ain’t No Fairy Story will probably come out first, if I can find an artist (or get comfortable with doing the art myself) as a…