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  • Pyrrhic Celebration
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    Pyrrhic Celebration

    I expected to spend this day in a state of joy. What I actually am, mostly, is tired

  • Today.

    When the party in power dogwhistles to white supremacy, bows to white supremacy, and encourages white supremacy, you get white supremacist terrorists who feel empowered to do what is being done right now. This is why everyone who has their eyes open has been so scared for the last four years, *this* is why we…

  • Tarnished Crowns
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    Tarnished Crowns

    It’s hard to write when anxious. I was already having issues with anxiety before the word “pandemic” became a daily concern, before I started to worry if my day job would exist six months down the line, after the repercussions from a near-total shutdown of the economy hits us. I dissociate into books. They have…

  • Fuck off 2017. I hope you do better, 2018.
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    Fuck off 2017. I hope you do better, 2018.

    I’m back in the office after a holiday weekend spent in the hospital with my mother. That seems par for the course for the way 2017 has gone. It’s pretty much been a garbage fire on the world stage as well as personally. Let’s have a look at it: We have gained: One president who…

  • What the ACA has meant to me

    Before the ACA took effect, I paid $300 per month in premiums for an insurance plan with a $5000.00 deductible and no co-insurance until the deductible was met. I do not get insurance through my day job (with only two full time employees, it would cost my employer and myself and my coworker far more to…