Writing and Editing Services

Writing Services:

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I offer freelance non-fiction writing services on a tiered basis, as follows:

Advertising Copy, Keyword, and SEO Content, Web-Based: Basic tier, I write a few paragraphs on a keyword of your choice with information that you provide and little to no research.

Press Releases: You provide the information, I write and format it into a press release suitable for sending to widespread media outlets, both web and print.

Opinion Essays, Personal Experience Essays, and Op-Ed Articles, Little/No Research Required: Articles about topics upon which I am personally knowledgeable and/or have personal experience and opinions about without requiring any significant research.

Feature Articles and Articles requiring significant research: Articles intended for front page exposure and/or those that require significant time put into research, interviews, and information gathering.

Additionally, there is a 10% upcharge for any rush jobs.

Word CountWeb Copy, SEO, Keyword ContentPress ReleasesOp-Ed, Personal Essays, Basic ArticlesFeature Articles, Heavily Researched Articles
≤ 500$20$50$75$100
More than 5000Ask for QuoteAsk for QuoteAsk for QuoteAsk for Quote

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Editing Services

I offer freelance editing services on a similarly tiered basis, as follows:

Proofreading: Very basic copy-editing. I will check grammar, spelling, punctuation, and typographical errors and correct and/or annotate them as needed.

General/Basic Editing: I will proofread your work as above and additionally make suggestions on word choice, sentence structure, and flow. I will also take a good look at your prose and make suggestions as to how you can improve it.

Macro/Intensive Editing: I will do everything as stated in the other two tiers, as well as assist with story and/or argument structure, problematic ledes, cliches, or tropes, continuity issues, characterization, substance, etc. and suggest ways to improve your writing to better fit its objective, whether a non-fiction essay, journalistic article, or fiction.

As above, there is a 10% upcharge for any rush jobs.

I also offer formatting as part of my editorial services, as an add-on to the above services or alone. I will format your writing to fit standards for e-book publication, standard manuscript format for submission, and/or formatting into standard MLA or Chicago styles.

Word CountProofreadingBasic EditingMacro EditingFormatting Add-OnFormatting Alone
10,000 – 25,000$50$100$200$15$25
25,000 – 50,000$100$200$500$25$50
More than 100,000Ask for QuoteAsk for QuoteAsk for QuoteAsk for QuoteAsk for a Quote

Sensitivity Reading:

I am also available as a sensitivity reader as a queer, neurodivergent, white, cis-gendered woman with anxiety and depression. I price my work as a sensitivity reader on a per-case basis, so if you need a sensitivity reader for your project send me a brief description and I will be happy to give you a quote.