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  • On Chuck Wendig and Marvel

    On Chuck Wendig and Marvel

    So, in case you haven’t heard, Chuck Wendig was fired from Marvel. Because, apparently, he wasn’t civil. Did Marvel fail to read his blog or twitter feed before hiring him? That his voice is sarcastic and profane couldn’t be a surprise to anyone. It always has been. Therefore, the problem must, in fact, be that…

  • Star Trek belongs on TV, but Not This Way.
    Star Trek Discovery Title Logo

    Star Trek belongs on TV, but Not This Way.

    Without spoilers, I can say that the first episode of Star Trek: Discovery is a great start to the show. Diverse cast, an enemy that is just a touch too real and current considering the current political climate, and undeniably and absolutely everything that I have come to expect from the Star Trek I have been…

  • American Gods Episode One

    American Gods Episode One

    I’ve loved Neil Gaiman’s work since first stumbling on him in partnership with Terry Pratchett in Good Omens – a novel that I like to call a Gateway Drug to both authors. Gaiman’s writing often made me feel like he had a window into my own mind. It’s good to know you’re not the only one…