I’m not the same person I was ten years ago. Who is, right? Sure, for one thing, I’ve grown up, little as I like it, and am staring middle age dead in the face. For another? I finally reached that point where I’m no longer willing to take things lying down or hide portions of myself just because doing so is somewhat more politic than, say, being out and proud.

I also realized, at some point, that trying to have a writing career with a name more common than “John Smith” would never work out, not the least because more people know and recognize me as Meadhbh Dhommnail. Names of choice are often more accurate than birth names, anyway.  I think it was seeing the fourth book published by a Jennifer L. Davis who was not me (and in fact was not the same person as any of the other three books) that was the final straw.

So I decided a few months ago to reboot my blog with a new title and using my new name as author. (Semi) Intellectual Blathering is no more. The title didn’t fit me anymore anyway if it ever did. (It was, in fact, randomly generated.) It took me three months to actually get around to it, thanks to mental health issues, but here it finally is.

In brainstorming new titles I focused on two of the things I do the most: I drink coffee, and I read books. Coffee Under Covers (referring to both habits) was the option that my friends seemed to like best, and I think it’s a good fit. My new URL is simpler too (at least if you can spell in Gaelic): just

Reboots are the thing to do these days, after all, some good and some bad. Here’s hoping that this will be of the good.