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#Blaugust 2023 – Reintroductions

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A blue background with a brown square frame. Decorative Only.
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I am still not quite sure why I have decided to participate in #Blaugust this year, or whether I’ll manage to keep going with it, but I thought I would make the attempt, at least. And since, looking back, I realize that I haven’t blogged since 2021, I suspect a reintroduction is in order.

I am, on most social media and gaming services, Meadhbh Dhommnail. I write short stories and frequently fail to finish writing novels. I am best described as a bitter old fandom hag. The media would refer to me as a geriatric millennial, born on the cusp between Gen-X and millennial generations.

What I am, mostly, is tired. But writing and books and anything with good storytelling remain my primary means of escape from the sheer exhaustion of Living In Interesting Times, so I write book reviews, since I might as well, if I’m going to be reading them anyway. That is, primarily, what this blog is for. Book reviews interspersed with occasional rants at the state of . . . well . . . *waves hands at the world* . . . everything.

My about page here is now woefully out of date, and perhaps sometime this month I will get around to updating it, but I still live on my family farm in the Southeastern US. I still have a very large dog, but not so many cats. Old age, alas, comes for us all, and only the younger two remain. I lost my mother to an incompetent medical system combined with a lifetime of autoimmune illness and disability. I live in fear of losing more.

The powers that be are increasingly happy to make sure that happens.

I am liberal. I am queer. I am feminist. I am cisgender but fully support my trans brothers and sisters. I am white, but stand in solidarity with and will always amplify the voices of those who are not. If any of those things bother you, this is not the blog for you to follow this month.

And if this introduction seems a bit grumpy, well, not all of my Blaugust posts will be. Like coffee, I can occasionally be served sweet.

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