A Poem for Maggie on her Wedding Day

Falling in love isn't a thing that happens once.

Instead, it is a constant act of falling
					and catching
							and being caught.

There will be dark times.
You will be certain that you can never forgive
						                or be forgiven.
But you will open your arms anyway, because you cannot do otherwise,
	(even certain that you are too weak, that you will break under the weight of it,)
						you will open them, and catch each other 

But falling can be fun,
	like the moment at the top of the rail before the coaster plummets
			or skydiving, in the moments before the chute opens
					or swinging around and around and upside down, forever, in your father's arms
	The danger is exhilarating, 
				when you know that you will be caught, you will be safe,
							because you are there to do the catching too.

You will grow up together,
				and grow old together,

And in the growing you will realize that growing up is an illusion, 
		that those you thought adult are still just children too,
			that no one has it figured out, that everyone is just as lost as you,
				That everyone is falling, and flailing,
					And it is the lucky ones who have someone to catch them,

And in that realization may you grow young again,
					and fall in love again,
				keep falling,

					and keep catching,

						until, together,

							 you learn to fly.

"A Poem For Maggie On Her Wedding Day" is © April 2015 - Jennifer L. Davis a/k/a Meadhbh Dhommnail. 
All Rights Reserved. For licensing information use the contact form here: http://www.meadhbh.me/contact-me/






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