When the party in power dogwhistles to white supremacy, bows to white supremacy, and encourages white supremacy, you get white supremacist terrorists who feel empowered to do what is being done right now.

This is why everyone who has their eyes open has been so scared for the last four years, *this* is why we voted in greater numbers than we have ever voted before, because we knew these people were out there, and we voted like our lives are in danger, because they are, because we’re black, brown, queer, disabled, because we are women who “don’t know our place”, because we’re everything these people hate so much they’re willing to destroy the country to keep us from having anything resembling equal rights.

Two years ago I wrote a poem about red hats, and maybe now some of the good people who’ve been blindly voting red for lower taxes are finally seeing the sort of people they’ve been voting alongside just to save a little money.

That man called these terrorists “very good people” when they drove a car into a crowd and killed a woman not long after he got elected. These terrorists in the capitol today are the very same supporters he has bowed to, simpered at, and dogwhistled to almost every day since. They have been empowered and encouraged to do what they are doing by our soon to be former president and his cronies in the Republican establishment.

Do you really want to stand with them?

You should admit you just like the white hood, if you do.